September 8, 2004 minutes



Ron Bobowski CUPW 760

Jeff Carsience UBCJ 1370

Pat Bulmer CEP 2000

Trudy Ames BCGEU 307

Judi Filion BCGEU 707

Deb Roseleine CUPE

Karen Abramsen BC Forum

Glenn Nowag UNITE HERE!

David Porteous UFCW 120

David Doran Carpenters

Bill Zeman CUPE 3523


Gord Larkin CLC

Don Main Carpenters

Debra Critchley Vernon Women's Centre


Kevin Hagglund CEP 823-M


The meeting was called to order by President David Doran at 7:05 p.m.


M/S/C to adopt agenda of September 8, 2004


Debra Critchley - Vernon Women's Centre - Debra reported that funding from HRDC and the B.C. Law Foundation "has put us back in business." On Oct. 16, the B.C. Coalition of Women's Centres and several unions will hold a women's rights rally at noon in front of the Legislature in Victoria. Vernon's Take Back the Night rally and march was scheduled for Sept. 24, but has since been cancelled. The Centre has not been able to arrange insurance for the event. When the BC Liberals eliminated core funding to Women's Centres April 1, the Centres' off-site liability insurance went with it.


M/S/C to adopt the minutes of June 9, 2004.


13 present with 11 delegates and 2 guests




M/S/C to adopt financial report as circulated.


a) Kelowna Peace Group in a letter mailed to us July 20 wants us to send a (pre-written) letter to Kelowna city council, urging council to allow the peace group to speak to it about Canada's possible participation in the U.S. missile defence program. - receive and file

b) Kelowna Peace Group invitation to attend fall conference of South-Central Interior Peace and Justice Organizations, Sept. 18 at First United Church Hall Kelowna. Registration fee: $15. Early reply requested. - No one available to attend, so we must respectfully decline. We will notify the Kelowna Peace Group.

c) HEU is a letter sent July 19 urges labour councils to urge the CLC to deal quickly with the HEU's (and CUPE and BCGEU) raiding charges against the BCNU, re: licenced practical nurses. - Receive and file (Letter is out of date, the two sides are talking).

d) BC Federation of Labour reminds us we need to pay our annual $10 per capita tax. - We will send a cheque.

e) Robert Clift of Coalition for Public Education would like to make a presentation sometime to the Labour council on Opening Doors for Every Student campaign. - We will contact Clift to see what can be arranged.

M/S/C to accept Executive Board report


Kevin Hagglund - CEP 823-M - Greetings from CEP Local 823-M. Due to a shift change, I am unable to attend the September 8 meeting of the North Okanagan Labour Council and thus send my regrets. I would like to inform you and all delegates and guests present that I am running for the NDP nomination in the riding of Kelowna-Mission. I respectfully request any support, financial or other that you may be able to provide. You can reach me by e-mail at k_hagglund@shaw.ca or by phone at 250-862-5878. I look forward to attending the October meeting of the NOLC to further discuss my nomination.

Pat Bulmer - CEP 2000 - CEP 2000 (Media Union of B.C.) will hold its annual congress Sept. 17-19 in Burnaby. Rose Thompson, Bruce Harbour , Darlene Tschetter and I will attend from the Kelowna Courier, along with our Kelowna-based vice-president Rob Munro.

Karen Abramsen - NDP - Up Close and Personal dinner with Carole James, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 6 p.m. at Bunches Bistro, 1889 Springfield Rd., Kelowna. Tickets are $50 (tax receipt for $25) Call 769-1977 (Karen) to order tickets. Sat - Sept. 18 - Howdy Hoedown potluck dinner and fun night (western theme) - 5:30 p.m. Special guest - Dave Zirnhelt. Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 1310 Bertram, Kelowna. With a dish - $5. Without - $15. YND - $5. New members - free (dinner on us).

Glenn Nowag - UNITE HERE! - Dear Brothers and Sisters of the North Okanagan Labour Council. My name is Glenn Nowag and I am an executive board member of Local 40 of the hotel, Restaurant and Culinary Employees and Bartenders Union. Local 40 represents almost 10,000 members who work in British Columbia's hospitality industries. We are also a member of the British Columbia and Yukon Territory Building Trades Council. I am here to inform you of the recent merger of our union, the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union with UNITE, the Union of Needletrades and Industrial Textile Employees Union. The merger was voted on and accepted at our special joint convention that took place in Chicago on July 8. We are now known at UNITE HERE! with the exclamation mark. This merger has resulted in the creation of one of the largest unions in North America with over 450,000 active and an additional 400,000 retired members. The majority of our combined membership is made up of predominantly female low wage, immigrant workers. With this merger, we now have access to the substantial financial resources we need to strengthen our position at the bargaining table when it comes to dealing with the giant global corporations many of our members work for. With an agenda that plans for the simultaneous expirations of many of our corporate hotel contracts across North America, our union is gearing up to be a significant force in representing our membership and ensuring wages and benefits that get them to or keep them in the middle class. We are also intent on increasing our membership and are focusing a substantial portion of our resources on organizing. As you all know, union density is an important factor in bringing a living wage, higher safety standards and benefits to all working people, and we are determined to reach that goal. Part of this merger agreement requires us to change our look and you will be seeing the red, black and white of UNITE HERE! logo being a significant presence in our province.

Bill Zeman, president, CUPE Local 3523 - We've been running ads on the radio (SILK-FM) to promote safety on the road as children return to school. Billboards have gone up across the valley to increase public awareness of the valuable contributions CUPE members make to their communities. Our local supports the billboard campaign, but we will be advertising by means of a moving billboard as we are working on having a similar message painted on our CUPE trailer, which will be a visible presence within our community.


a) Labour school, Oct. 2-3 - Karen Abramsen gave an update on the labour school, slated to take place at Okanagan University College.

b) BC Federation of Labour convention call (Nov. 29-Dec. 3) and hotel registration form (Westin Bayshore - $89 a night). Deadline Oct. 22. - Tabled to October meeting, at which time any resolutions to be forwarded to the convention and our delegates must be selected.


a) M/S/C to donate $300 to Dave Doran's campaign for council in the Sept. 18 Spallumcheen byelection. (Doran left the chair and room during the discussion and vote. Pat Bulmer took the chair.)

b) M/S/C to buy two tickets at $50 each to the Kelowna Mission NDP's dinner with Carole James on Sept. 22

c) United Way - David Porteous talked about a number of issues with the United Way, including his appointment to the organization's governance committee.

d) M/S/C to increase our monthly contribution to political action fund to $300 (from $200)

e) The date of our November meeting in Vernon is being changed to Nov. 3. The regularly scheduled date would have been the night before Remembrance Day.


14 total with 12 delegates and 2 guests


B.C. Federation of Labour women's Conference is Sept. 17-19 in Kamloops.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bulmer, recording secretary.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 6, 2004, 7 p.m., at the Student Services Building of Okanagan University College's KLO Road campus, Boardroom S-101, 1000 KLO Rd.

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