October 10, 2012 minutes


AFFILIATES PRESENT: Ron Bobowski, CUPW, Cheryl Stone, UFCW 1518, Carole Gordon, COTA/ BCTF, Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523, David McCarthy, IAFF 953, Lee Menzies, BCGEU 407, Karen Abramsen, UFCW 1518, Wade Ashton, IBEW 213, James Fox, CUPE 523, Mark Olsen, CUPE 5523, Nancy Ingersol, V TA, Shane Curveon, ATU, Debra Critchley, BCGEU, Wynn Hartelder, BCGEU 307, Susan Bauhart, COTA, Doug Imrich, IAFF 953, Rob Cucheran, IAFF 953, Sandy Thon, BCGEU

REGRETS: Nikki Inouye, HEU Vernon, Wendy Mah, BCGEU, Andrew Pritchard, Unite Here-Local 40, Louise Gibson, COPE 378 Greg McGowan, CUPE 873, Elizabeth Woods, BCFORUM

GUESTS: Linda Yule, United Way, Michelle Laurie, President IBEW 258, Ed Higgenbottom, IBEW, John Menzies, Teamsters, Jean Frolek, CUPE, Dave Kovatch, BCGEU

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Carole Gordon, President, at 7:00 pm


GUEST SPEAKERS: 1. Linda Yule, United Way, North Okanagan Columbia Shuswap, 2. Michelle Laurie, President IBEW 258


CREDENTIALS REPORT: 24 Present with 18 Delegates, 6 Guests

FINANCIAL REPORT: given by Ron Bobowski, Secretary Treasurer, M/S/C to adopt financial report as circulated.

A recommendation was made to donate $150.00 to Amnesty International. www.maquilasolidarity.org M/S/C
A recommendation was made of membership renewal and donation to BC Health Coalition totaling $150 M/S/C
BC May Lose Greyhound Buses -- recommendation that the NOLC send a letter to the BC Transportation Board regarding the elimination of buses and the hardship it will bring on people who have no transportation in rural communities. cc the letter Highway of Tears Campaign and ATU. M/S/C


Ron Bobowski, CUPW 760
1. Urban operations: the people that process mail in plants and letter carriers that deliver to addresses are beginning the ratification votes, Kelowna local will recommend voting AGAINST because many previously won provisions were stripped away from agreement, namely "sick time" replaced by a 7 day annual short term disability, and, two tier wage for new hires.
2. Rural and suburban mail carriers have lost many of the provisions of their collective agreement language.
3. External organizing of 23 Dynamax drives was certified and with a collective agreement has joined Kelowna Local 760, welcome Sisters and Brothers!

Karen Abramsen, EI Board of Referees
Changes to Employment Insurance Maximum Insurable Earnings and Benefit Rate for 2013
Changes to the 2013 maximum insurable earnings and benefit rate set for Employment Insurance, were announced on September 14, 2012, by the Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC) and the Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board (CEIFB). Effective January 1, 2013, the annual maximum insurable earnings will increase to $47,400 from the existing $45,900. As a result, the maximum weekly EI benefit rate will increase to $501 from the current amount of $485. The EI premium rate for workers will increase to $1.88 for every $100 of salary up to $47,400. The corresponding employer rate will also increase to $2.63. For Quebec, the EI premium rate will be set at $1.52 for workers and $2.13 for employers. This lower premium rate is due to Quebec's delivery of its own parental benefits since January 2006.
Also; Karen Abramsen’s term has been extended to the end of the EI Board of Referees, tentatively March 2013.

Political Action Committee Report: NDP Caucus is being held in Kelowna November 7 & 8, 2012, Shane Simpson has been invited to speak at the NOLC meeting. Labour Council meeting will be shortened to accommodate the event being held at the Coast Capri Hotel at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on November 7, 2012. The NDP Caucus meet & greet will begin at 7:30 pm with appetizers and coffee. A no host bar will be set up. A recommendation was made by the Executive to spend the Political action fund of up to $1000.00 to cover the costs. M/S/C Affiliates will be informed of NDP response to our proposal.

CLC REPORT: Letter from Iris Taylor was read aloud to the members regarding her retirement. We wish Iris well in her retirement, she will be missed. There is no communication on a new CLC Representative at this time.

A) BCFED Convention November 2012 –Credentialed Delegates to be selected NOLC will receive 3 credentials. In the past the NOLC has paid delegate registration for 3 but no wage loss.
1. The 1st credential delegate has accommodation, travel and per diem -- Carole Gordon, COTA, Ron Bobowski, CUPW 760 alternate
2. The 2nd credential delegate receives only a per diem -- Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523, Debra Critchley alternate
3. The 3rd receives registration only -- Debra Critchley, BCGEU, Wade Ashton, alternate

B) CLC Winter School -- deadline is mid-December. This will be discussed at the November meeting and the final decision of the delegates who will be elected to attend will be made at the December meeting.
Scholarships are as follows:
1. CLC scholarship for a specific course
2. NOLC scholarship to go to Labour Council Officer Development
3. NOLC scholarship for a delegate to attend a specific course

C) United Way Campaign -- Sept to Dec 2013 Executive Directors, Lynda Yule and Marla O’Brien from both north and south United Way are willing to attend any member meetings. Please don't hesitate to call.


Flag Campaign -- Ron Bobowski -- Union Label and Trade Services Dept. of CLC has a National Flag campaign to have municipal, provincial and federal public buildings fly Canadian flags "Made in Canada" by union members. Affiliates are encouraged to support this initiative. National Flag Day is February 15th.
BCFED Health & Safety Training Nov 20 to 23, 2012 – Please go to www.bcfed.com/ohs for information of courses being offered.
Remembrance Day 2012 - A motion was made to place an ad in the Kelowna Daily Courier for Remembrance Day Nov 11, 2012 of up to $400.00 M/S/C

FINAL CREDENTIALS REPORT: 24 Present with 18 Delegates 6 Guests

GOOD & WELFARE: Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523, contacted our three winners who attended our NOLC sponsored summer camps at Silver Lake and Camp Jubilee to get some feedback on their experiences at the camp. All three were very glad they attended and not only had a great time but found it to be a learning experience as well.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm by Carole Gordon, President

Minutes respectfully submitted by Cheryl Stone, Recording Secretary, UFCW 1518

Wednesday, November 7

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