May 15, 2008

Letter to the Editor Regarding the Bridge workers

Okanagan Lake has not seen such excitement in quite some time. It has been blessed with a brand new, flowing belt of concrete that we, residents of the Okanagan will name the William R Bennett bridge.

This is no small achievement. It is the most recently built floating bridge in the world, an engineering feat made possible by the relatively calm conditions of the lake, but, more to the point, it was made possible by the tradesmen and craftsmen that put it together, one piece at a time.

Each piece of shoring, each stick of rebar, and every secured and fastened nail was hand delivered to its right and proper spot by the men and women who spent the thousands of hours getting the job done.

Just like every other citizen of Kelowna and Westbank and maybe even from further away, they cursed the traffic jams that rush hour caused (or they inadvertently caused). But with a great sigh of relief and realizing that the solution was within their grasp they went to work to build the pontoons. The piles were driven, the spans were set and the deck was laid.

Lighting and signs were added to guide the way, and now, long awaited as it is, it is 2 months ahead of schedule and under budget.

This is due to the hard work and diligence of all those employed in the construction of our bridge.

In this vein of thought, the North Okanagan Labour Council would like to thank all the tradesmen and women and congratulate them for a job well done. Our community will appreciate their hard work and effort for a long time to come.


The Executive and Members
North Okanagan Labour Council


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