The North Okanagan Labour Council sent the following letter to local MPs Ron Cannan and Colin Mayes and federal Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn.

March 17, 2007

The members of the North Okanagan Labour Council hope that you will stand up for the working people who need your help the most by supporting Bill C-375, the National Minimum Wage Bill.

The bill proposes establishing a federal minimum wage of $10 an hour. It's a modest amount, in our opinion, but, hopefully, it's a place to start in helping to lift some of the country's poorest workers from the poverty-level wages they are now being paid.

Even at $10 an hour, a full-time worker will only be right around the poverty line, which is why anything less than that amount simply can no longer be justified.

We also believe the federal government has an important leadership role to play and, by passing this bill, would send an vital message to provinces that haven't changed their minimum-wage rates in years.

May we also remind you that the Federal Labour Standards Review Commission last October called for the restoration of a federal minimum wage to be set at the poverty line.

Thank you for your time and, we hope, for going to bat for the workers who need your help the most.


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