NOLC congratulates B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers Union

The North Okanagan Labour Council sent the following letter to B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers Union President Jackie Miller

January 14, 2004

The North Okanagan Labour Council would like to congratulate the B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers Union for its inspirational show of strength, unity and resistance against a government and its puppet ferry corporation that were bound and determined to destroy every benefit your members have achieved over the years.

Your union's success in standing firm against this all-out assault on your collective agreement shows the rest of the union movement in B.C. what solidarity really can achieve.

Your members were strong and united and, as a result, beat back an attack the government and its big-business allies were convinced they were going to win.

We can all learn from your union's example.

Going to binding arbitration is a gamble to some degree, but we're hopeful, as you are, that you'll get a much fairer deal under a reasonable mediator than David Hahn and Gordon Campbell wanted you to have.

Congratulations and know that you have at least 10,000 friends and allies in the North and Central Okanagan.


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