NOLC president reacts to election results

May 16, 2001

North Okanagan Labour Council President Marie Mentz made the following comments on the outcome of the provincial election:

  • "Clearly, I'm disappointed. It's very dangerous to elect such a majority government without an official opposition. Without anyone to challenge their actions and hold them accountable, the Liberals could pass legislation that is not supported by the majority of British Columbians."

  • "More importantly, I'm worried. I'm worried about all those people who rely on our public service to make ends meet."

  • "I'm worried about those workers who will be legislated back to work and lose their democratic right to remove their labour when their employer refuses to participate in the free collective bargaining process."

  • "I'm worried about people, mainly senior citizens in need of health care, who can't afford user fees or don't have enough money to pay their way into our hospitals."

  • "I'm worried about what public services will be lost as a result of tax breaks for Gordon Campbell's corporate friends."

  • "I'm worried about the potential violence on the many picket lines to come if the Liberals repeal anti-scab legislation and allow replacement workers in a labour dispute."

  • "In general, labour does not support the Liberal platform. While some of Gordon Campbell's comments on labour issues may appear moderate, what we fear is what he has not said."

  • "Our labour council will continue to fight for social justice throughout all of our communities and we will do whatever we can to hold the government accountable for working people and their families."



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