Letter to the editor, re: Gay Pride proclamation

March 29, 2000

Dear Editor:

I have followed the media coverage of the Kelowna mayor and the dispute with the Rainbow Coalition over the deletion of the word Pride from their proclamation and the subsequent legal action. I am very disappointed with the outcome.

One of the reasons I am disappointed is the public tax dollars that were originally spent until the mayor decided to represent himself; the other reason is somewhere, somehow common sense has gone out the window.

Here's an example, Labour requests city council every year to proclaim April 28 as the National Day of Mourning to recognize workers injured or killed in the workplace. This does not mean that city council shares all issues with Labour. The same can be applied to the Gay Pride celebration.

Labour supports the rights of the gay and lesbian community regarding equal rights as all others enjoy in society, it does not mean we share all the same visions or lifestyles that everyone chooses. In fact, it's none of our business!

What city council needs to do in my opinion is, implement a preamble to proclamations that indicates they don't necessarily share all views, but recognize the rights of any group to celebrate their achievements and rights to be recognized as equals in our society and help them to celebrate their accomplishments.

It's high time city council celebrates our diversity, rather then spend our tax dollars to fight it!

Marie Mentz,
North Okanagan Labour Council


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