February 3, 2010 - regular monthly meeting minutes


AFFILIATES PRESENT: Glenn Nowag, UFCW 1518; Ron Bobowski, CUPW 760; Cheryl Stone, UFCW 1518; Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523; Brad Albrecht, HEU, Vernon; Karen Abramsen, UFCW 1518; Lynda Zorn, BCFORUM; Greg McGowan, CUPE 873; Pat Bulmer, CEP 2000; Nancy Ingersol, BCTF-Vernon; Maria Tokarchuk, HSA; Jim Failes, CEP M1; Debra Critchley, BCGEU; Carole Gordon, BCTF; Wendy Mah, BCGEU; Brad Fraser, CUPE 873.

REGRETS: Liz Woods, BCFORUM; Dave Porteous, UFCW 1518; Shawna Rand, HEU, Vernon.

GUESTS: Mathew Reed, NDP; Lloyd Hooper, ATU 1722; Andrew Pritchard, Local 40; Doug Gibson, BCFORUM; Wes Kmet, BCFORUM; Derek Morris, CUPE 873; Chris Berry, COPE 378.

The meeting was called to order by Glenn Nowag, President, at 7:55 pm


GUEST SPEAKERS: Mathew Reed, NDP President Kelowna Lake Country Riding


CREDENTIALS REPORT: 23 Present with 16 Delegates and 7 Guests


FINANCIAL REPORT: given by Ron Bobowski, Sec. Treasurer, M/S/C

1. Letter from Hucul Printer in Salmon Arm -- that Hucul is no longer able to use the Union label.
2. Thank you card from Robert Engel CHBC
3. COPE 378 & 15 have been given assent by their National Union to merge the two locals into a unified COPE 378 as of January 1, 2010.
4. Ken Georgetti letter regarding United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America disaffiliation.
5. Ken Georgetti letter re Old Dutch -- prolonged labour dispute has ended.
6. BCFORUM letter to NOLC re delegates -- stating that BCFORUM has not yet appointed a second delegate to the NOLC, and is still working on that; Lynda Zorn was appointed by BCFORUM to be on the NOLC executive for 2010.
7. CLC has created a new video on Collective Bargaining for purchase; please visit their website to order.
8. NOLC made a donation to the Our Times Magazine.
9. BCFED Occupational Health & Safety Education schedule: March -- September 2010 go to www.bcfedhsc.ca

Ron Bobowski, Secretary Treasurer -- Report of NOLC Conference Call with BCFED - Thursday 7 January 2010:
-- Bill 21, CUPE BC Pres Barry O'Neil - province wide protests
-- HMS Host - Vancouver airport (YVR) lockout of UniteHere! Local 40
-- BCNU - 2 applications to Labour Board to represent LPN's; LB review applications
-- Farm Worker Safety - Inquest in December 2009, Jim Sinclair testified for labour, recommend change to Legislation - public government inspectors and certified repairs. Provincial Public Sector bargaining; 0% - 0% mandate
The following LCs reported:
-- PADLC - protest to support CUPE 873 (Ambulance & Paramedics) on Saturday
-- SCLCom - newly elected pres, 6 Dec memorial, anti-Olympic talk, Rick Cunard - HST protest
-- KDLC - West Fraser shut down, 2 CEP locals out of work by Feb 17 (approx 550 members)
-- NOLC - support of CEP Media 1 (CHBC) members, LC flyer of 'who we are'
-- NDDLC - de unionize HEU sector; Fed public sector/private sector papers to MP's & MLA's
-- CRCDL - mill closures, pulp mill (Elk Falls); HST fight back

Chair - B.C. NDP new table officers, Moe Sihota, Pres; Bob Smits, Treasurer Future conference calls: 4 March, 1 April, 13 May, 3 June, 2010

Cheryl Stone, EI Board of Referees Report
I attended the Level 2 training in Toronto, January 25 to 29, 2010. The course was a refresher of Level 1. We covered:
1. The 5 Principles of Natural Justice- 1. Know the Case, 2. Meet the case, 3. The unbiased decision maker, 4. Person who hears must decide and 5. Written decisions with reasons.
2. Diversity awareness -- Identifying diversity issues that can arise in hearings- appropriate language, demeanor and procedures in handling diversity issues.
3. Conduct of a Hearing -- questioning and listening skills, basic evidence rules, evaluating evidence
4. The Deliberation Phase -- Identifying the problems that can arise in the deliberation phase and relating them to the Principles of Natural justice.
5. Decision Writing principles, practice, summarizing the events and important evidence of the Commission, the Appellant and witnesses., applying legal test, writing the final decision.
6. Simulated Hearings & Decision Writing
It was a very intense three and a half days but well worth it. Please note that if any of your brother or sister union members are experiencing Employment Insurance qualifications issues or problems, have them go to the Service Canada Website and become familiar with the EI Act prior to making any decisions. The website is www.ae-ei.gc.ca.

Lynda Zorn, BCFORUM Report Check out this important resource called the BC Center for Elder Advocacy and Support (BCCEAS) at www.bcceas.com or phone the Seniors Help and Information Line at 1-866-437-1940. It is an independent, nonprofit organization funded by the Law Foundation and the Federal and Provincial Governments and offers legal and non-legal services and advocacy for seniors in BC who may have issues with: home care, assisted living, or long term care issues
-- housing - health and safety risks, discrimination based on age, medical condition, disability or income
government benefits, especially federal issue
-- financial abuse issues e.g. power of attorney, consumer fraud
-- capacity assessments or committeeships
At the BCCEAS office in Vancouver, they also offer community programs, workshops, an elder law clinic and Victim Support Workers and hope to expand these services to other centers. I know that here in Kelowna, Tish Lakes Okanagan Advocacy and Resource Society offers similar services, but the BCCEAS is specifically targeted towards seniors and their particular issues.
Also, check out BCFORUM's website at www.bcforum.ca where, for a month, a photo of Cheryl and I presenting the CLC's 3 Point Pension Plan to Ron Cannan was featured, front and centre. It has now been bumped to the second headline position by a comprehensive article on the HST which lists all the previously untaxed goods and services that will now be directly taxed and the indirect costs that will be reflected in rental costs, costs for seniors in care homes etc.

Jim Failes, Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local M1 Okanagan Unit
This will be an unusually short report, after a very quiet month at CEP M1 Okanagan. We may have set a record for poor attendance at our quarterly meeting in January -- only one rank and file member was present. However, with four members of the Executive on hand, we were able to conduct the entire meeting, including filling two of three expired Executive positions (by acclamation of the incumbents). The third position (Vice President) has been unfilled for over a year, and continues to be so. Our General Manager was on vacation all month, leaving one manager in charge of the entire station, apparently without incident. Now that the GM has returned, the other manager is leaving on his vacation.
CHBC's parent company, Canwest Global, continues to work its way through Creditor Protection. There was little visible progress affecting Canwest's broadcast interests in January, with most of the attention focused on newspaper assets that recently filed separately for protection. Speculation about future buyers for both the papers and TV assets is in full swing, but it's far from clear whether any of this will mean new owners for CHBC, or not. Our nine members who have severance money in limbo are no closer to knowing the fate of their entitlements.

Wendy Mah, BCGEU
Please go to bcgeu.ca for the link to add your name to a letter which will go to your MLA to voice your opposition regarding "contracting out" of healthcare workers in B. C.

Canadian Labour Congress - Regional Representative Report February 2010 by Orion Irvine
Pension Campaign

The CLC is continuing with its pension campaign. Labour Councils and affiliates have been lobbying their MPs across Canada. There have been over 100 MPs lobbied today on the issue of retirement security. The issue of pension reform and retirement security is now on the national agenda. This is largely the result of the work done by labour councils. If your council or local hasn't talked to their MP on the issue of retirement security yet, please try and see your MP.
The CLC is calling for a phased in doubling of Canada Pension Plan benefits, an immediate increase of Old Age Security (OAS) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for all retirees. Creating a national pension insurance fund to ensure that workers' defined benefit pensions aren't at risk when employers go under or speculative bubbles go bust. The United States has a pension guarantee fund covering up to about $50,000 of pension income.

The Canadian Labour Congress has written to elected leaders urging them not to abandon the economic stimulus measures that saved Canada from sinking into an even deeper recession than it has experienced. There is concern that some government representatives are calling for deep cuts to social programs, public services, and public sector jobs as a means of moving quickly back to balanced budgets. The government driven recovery is working, now is not the appropriate time to cease a policy that is working. The private sector has not yet recovered from the recession and cannot, at this point, create a sufficient number of good jobs and economic growth. Investment in good public infrastructure and good public services are key drivers of private sector productivity in the future. Many economic forecasters and the Bank of Canada agree that continued government stimulus remains necessary to maintain growth and help Canada avoid recession.
We have all watched with horror the images of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti. Emergency relief to aid the victims is essential and we know Canada's union members will respond with the same generosity and solidarity as you have in the past. The Canadian Labour Congress, in cooperation with the Canadian Red Cross, is working to provide an easy way for union members to make a donation to help the victims of the devastating earthquake, instantly receive a tax receipt and, at the same time, ensure that your donation is matched by the federal government's pledge to match individual donations dollar for dollar. From now until February 12, 2010 you can make a secure donation by visiting redcross.ca/clc Union members in Canada have a proud tradition of helping those in need. Workers in Haiti, their families and their communities need our solidarity, and our help. Forward this email to your union friends.

NOLC Election results 2010. Welcome new 2010 Executive to the NOLC

President - Glenn Nowag, UFCW 1518; Vice President - Shawna Rand HEU, Vernon; Vice President - Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523; Vice President - Greg McGowan, CUPE 873; Secretary Treasurer - Ron Bobowski, CUPW 760; Recording Secretary - Cheryl Stone; UFCW 1518, Northern Delegate - Nikki Inouye, HEU; Vernon, Southern Delegate - Karen Abramsen, UFCW 1518; Sergeant at Arms - Emily Dorie, CUPE 873; Trustee - Wendy Mah, BCGEU; Trustee - Brad Albrecht, HEU Vernon; Trustee - Dave Porteous, UFCW 1518; Lynda Zorn, appointed by BCFORUM.

International Woman's Day, March 8, 2010 and the Gert Beadle Award 2010 / Kelowna Women's Resource Centre -- A motion was made to nominate Faye Saxon for the 2010 Gert Beadle Award. Karen Abramsen, UFCW 1518 will fill out the application papers and submit them to the Kelowna Women's Resource Centre. A second motion was made to donate $100.00 to both the Kelowna and Vernon Women's Resource Centre, totaling $200.00 from the NOLC. M/S/C
National Day of Mourning -- April 28, 2010 Worksafe BC has asked if we would like to team up with them to get together for this event. A committee was formed to work on this; Karen Abramsen and Debra Critchley will organize the event. It will be further discussed at the March 8, 2010 meeting.

FINAL CREDENTIALS REPORT: 23 Present with 16 Delegates 7 Guests

GOOD AND WELFARE: Karen Abramsen, UFCW 1518 spoke on an Okanagan Jazz & Blues Society fundraiser.
Debra Critchley, BCGEU, commented on the difficulties of parking at our St Paul location when there is a hockey game on the same night. She made a suggestion that the NOLC could use one of the BCGEU meeting rooms in the future. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm by Glenn Nowag, President

Minutes respectfully submitted by Cheryl Stone, Recording Secretary, UFCW 1518,

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 7:00 pm at 201A -1358 St Paul Street, Kelowna
(Please note that if the downstairs door is locked, there will be a cell number posted on the door to call to be let in)
****Reminder that the April meeting is held in Vernon at the Village Green Hotel 7:00 pm****

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