December 9, 2015 minutes


AFFILIATES PRESENT: Andrew Pritchard, President, Unite Here Local 40, Ron Bobowski, CUPW, Cheryl Stone, UFCW 1518, Louise Gibson, COPE 378, Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523, Karen Abramsen, UFCW 1518, Laureen Freayh, HEU, Carmen Belanger, HEU, Susan Bauhart, COTA, Rob Wotherspoon, BCGEU, Runjet Saran, BCGEU 507, Lee Mossman, CUPE 338, Karen Bernath, COTA

GUESTS: Mario Vucinovic -- endorsed Peachland Counsellor, George Yuelett, HEU, Maria Tokarchuk, BCFORUM Alan Blanes, USW Local 1976, Sgt Dave Smith, RCMP Communications, Lee Mossman, CUPE 338, Albert Lyndahl

REGRETS: Helen Repole, BCGEU, Wynn Hartfelder, BCGEU, Nikki Inouye, HEU Vernon

BCFORUM Delegates: Doug Gibson, BCFORUM, Greg McGowan, BCFORUM

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President, Andrew Pritchard at 7:00 pm


GUEST SPEAKER: Mario Vucinovic -- endorsed Peachland councillor; Lee Mossman -- CUPE 338, endorsed SD 23 Trustee; Sgt Dave Smith -- RCMP Communications.


CREDENTIALS REPORT: 22 Present with 13 Delegates, 7 Guests, 2 BCFORUM delegates


FINANCIAL REPORT: given by Ron Bobowski, CUPW, Secretary Treasurer, financial summary was given. M/S/C

Centre for Policy Alternatives National Research Fund -- The membership supported the motion to donate the suggested minimum to CCPA. M/S/C


LOCAL UNIONS REPORTS: BCNDP Convention -- Nikki Inouye, Karen Abramsen, VP read her report. Ronn Dunn, VP, reported on the BCFED Conference, Louise Gibson, COPE 378 name has been changed to Movement of United Professionals

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: NOLC Executive Election Committee 2016 -- Louise Gibson -- reminder that the Executive Council election is coming up in the New Year. Please put your name forward if you wish to be on the Executive. Nominations will be open at the January 6, 2016 meeting. Louise Gibson is chair of the committee and to put your name forward for a position on the Executive please email her at dlgibs@telus.net. Position descriptions follow:

Article V1 -- Duties of the President
The President shall supervise the affairs of the Council, sign all official documents, have signing authority for the North Okanagan Labour Council’s financial accounts, and preside at regular and special meetings, and at meetings of the Executive Council.
Subject to the appeal of the CLC, the President shall have authority to interpret these By-Laws, and such interpretation shall be conclusive and in full force and effect unless reversed or changed by the Executive Council, or a meeting of the CLC.

Article V11 -- Duties of the Vice President(s) (3)
The Vice President(s) shall aid the President in the duties of chief executive officer of the Council and act on behalf of the President when required to do so and may have signing authority for the North Okanagan Labour Council’s financial accounts. Article V111 -- Duties of the Recording Secretary
shall record in writing the proceedings of all Council meetings and all sessions of the Executive Council. The minutes are to be kept in such form as to preserve a permanent record. Copies of all proceedings shall be forwarded to the CLC and the British Columbia Federation of Labour.
take care of all correspondence as instructed by the Council, including the sending out of notices of meetings to be held by the Council.
retain on file copies of agreements submitted to the Council
furnish credential blanks and affiliation forms to unions when requested.
inform affiliated unions of all vacancies arising in their representation of delegates.

Article 1X -- Duties of the Secretary Treasurer
The Secretary Treasurer shall be the Financial Officer of the Council and have signing authority or the North Okanagan Council’s financial accounts.
be in charge of books, files, documents and property of the Council pertaining to the office of Secretary Treasurer, which shall at all times be subject to the inspection of the President and Executive Council; shall maintain a list of all affiliates of the Council and the reported number of members of each one.
prepare a written financial statement of the Council finances for a monthly report to the Council meeting.
have the books of the Council audited semi-annually by the Trustees elected under provisions of Article X11. A copy of the audit report shall be forwarded to the CLC at Ottawa, the CLC Regional Office and the BC Federation of Labour.
subject to the approval of the Executive Council, invest surplus funds of the Council in securities or deposit them in bank(s) or Credit Union(s).
is empowered to require affiliated organizations to provide statistical data in their possession relating to the membership of their organizations.
shall revise the official roll-call book and attendance card file for accurate use by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Article X -- Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms
It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to receive the name of each delegate and guest upon entering the meeting room. He/she shall record their attendance, and make a report during the meeting of the total number of delegates and guests, attending in the beginning of the meeting as well as at the end of the meeting. He/she shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the President.

Article X11 -- Trustees
Three (3) Trustees shall be elected by the Council in the same manner as the Officers. Initially, the Trustee receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected for three (3) years, the Trustee receiving the second largest number of votes shall be elected for two (2) years, and the Trustee receiving the third largest number of votes shall be elected for one (1) year. Subsequently, one (1) Trustee shall retire each year as the term for which such Trustee expires, and succeeding Trustee shall be elected for three (3) years. The retiring Trustee shall be eligible for re-election.
shall NOT be members of the Executive Council.
shall conduct an audit of the books and accounts of the Council semi-annually as of June 30 and December 31, based on actual verification of the Secretary Treasurer’s record. All audit reports are for the information of all delegates and copies shall be available to the CLC at Ottawa, and the CLC Regional Office.

NOLC Political Committee - Greg McGowan, BCFORUM - gave a report on political action.

Protein for People - Ronn Dunn VP, explained how the canned salmon will be distributed. The Food Banks that will receive the cases of salmon and distribution as follows: Kelowna- 25, Vernon- 5, Lake Country- 2, Peachland- 2 and Lumby- 1.
CLC Winter School 2015 -- NOLC can sponsor one more delegate, which includes registration fees and transportation,thisdoesnotcoverwages. AmotionwasmadetosendLaurenFreayh,HEUtoweek4.M/S/C

Giving Tuesday - CLC program - solidarity support for Unite Here! Local 40 at Nanaimo Golf Course. A motion was made to participate in Giving Tuesday, NOLC supported striking Nanaimo Unite-Here Local 40 members with grocery gift cards from a unionized employer. M/S/C

By-Law proposed changes -- Article IV -- Meetings -- A notice of Motion was made to make a change to the NOLC By-Laws. M/S/C

FINAL CREDENTIALS REPORT: 22 Present with 13 Delegates, 7 Guests, 2 BCFORUM delegate(s)

GOOD & WELFARE: reported at the meeting

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm by President, Andrew Pritchard, Unite Here Local 40

Minutes respectfully submitted by Cheryl Stone, Recording Secretary, UFCW 1518

Wednesday, January 6, 2016
BCGEU office, 1064 Borden Ave., Kelowna, 7:00 pm
NOLC Christmas Social: Capri Hotel Restaurant (Immediately following the meeting)

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