December 8, 2004 minutes



Trudy Ames BCGEU 307
Karen Abramsen BC Forum
Ron Bobowski CUPW 760
Judi Filion BCGEU 707
Pat Bulmer CEP 2000
Jeff Carsience UBCJ 1370
Wayne Enevoldsen Carp 1346
David Doran Carp 1346
Geri Smith COPE 378
Kris Bothe UBCJ 1370
Tom Potts COTA
Dona Frayn BCGEU 1207
Roy Graham Brewery Workers
Maria Tokarchuk HSA - Kelowna
Kevin Hagglund CEP 823 - M
Richard Gauthier CUPE 3523
Bob Shanks COTA
Steve Malerby BC Forum
Bill Zeman CUPE 3523<


Gord Larkin CLC
Gord Stoutenburg BC Forum
Nicki Hokazono COTA
David Gunderson COTA
Lennie Wilson HEU
Cynthia Waldek-Peters United Way
Paul Demay United Way
Michael Loewen United Way
Eileen Robinson NDP


Kathy Dunn HEU
Dave Porteous UFCW 120B
Glenn Nowag UNITE HERE!
Louise Schwingenschloegl HEU


The meeting was called to order by President David Doran at 7:00 p.m.


M/S/C to adopt agenda of December 8, 2004


- Paul Demay, Central Okanagan United Way - United Way surpassed $1 million mark for first time last year, raising $1.2 million. Goal this year is not to have to reduce allocations to 33 member agencies plus affiliates. Thanks to labour for its support and involvement through Liz Woods' and Dave Porteous's involvement on the board. Need labour's support to encourage donations. 90 cents of every dollar donated goes to those who need it.

- Nicki Hokazono, Central Okanagan Teachers' Association - Seeking NDP nomination in Kelowna-Mission. Was asked by COTA to run - the education system in B.C. has taken a real hit the last three years. Higher class sizes. More kids in need. Need decent wages to support families. Was a school trustee for eight years. A brief Q&A with Nicki and Kevin Hagglund, the other candidate, followed.


M/S/C to adopt minutes of November 3, 2004. Pat Bulmer reminded delegates that the NOLC is now sending minutes out by e-mail. Those who would rather receive their minutes that way should let him know at nolc@shaw.ca.


27 present with 18 delegates and 9 guests


Sworn in as new delegates were Geri Smith (COPE 378), Richard Gauthier (CUPE 3523), Kris Bothe (UBCJ 1370), Bob Shanks and Tom Potts (COTA).


M/S/C to adopt financial report as circulated.


a) Our Times magazine urges us to subscribe -- Executive recommends we buy a subscription for $25.

b) Kelowna-Lake Country/Kelowna-Mission NDP Christmas dinner & tribute to Joy MacPhail, Dec. 12, Bunches Bistro -- we'll buy two tickets at $100 apiece.

c) CLC Winter School -- NOLC endorses Brother Wayne Enevoldson of Carpenters 1346 for a scholarship to attend the Unions in the Community Course and one officer to attend the labour officers course. Also, if anyone else is interested in the Unions in the Community course, they should let the NOLC know as soon as possible.

M/S/C to accept Executive Board report


Pat Bulmer, CEP 2000 - The Kelowna Daily Courier's front end, mailroom and drivers are ready to head to the bargaining table. We hope to begin negotiations with the company on a new contract in January. Our two-year rollover agreement expires in June. By agreement then, negotiations are supposed to begin early. Christmas-season statutory holidays have caused some major headaches. The company informed the union it wanted to close its offices on Dec. 24 and 31 and have all members agree to take these as days in lieu for two of the three Christmas-season stats. That was OK to most members, but not all. And since our contract states that days in lieu are supposed to be mutually agreed between company and employee, those who wanted to work these two days certainly had the right to object. After a good month of discussions on the issue, the union finally agreed to the company's proposal, as that's what most of our members wanted. Those who did not want those as days in lieu will have to take them anyway.

Kevin Hagglund - CEP 823-M - On Friday, December 3, the Canadian Industrial Relations Board issued a brief ruling in which it "determined that the evidence supports a conclusion that various Global television stations which were the subject of this application, operate as a common employer as contemplated by section 35 of the Code." The CEP had applied for a common employer declaration from the Board based on its view of the way CanWest Global manages its television operations and that the employer is CanWest Global. The Board has now agreed with this view. There has been a lot of reaction to the Board determination: CEP National Vice President for Media Peter Murdoch said "Now that the board has ruled, we will be able to bargain one collective agreement for all the employees we represent across Canada." CEP Legal Counsel Dan Rogers remarked, "While the reasons for the ruling are not known yet, what we know for certain is that the labour relations status quo has been rejected as the Board concluded that a common employer has been established." The Global Advisory Council is satisfied with the determination of the board. The CIRB's determination is the continuation of the process we started over 3 1/2 years ago. We are looking forward to the next phase and ultimately bargaining a fair and just collective agreement for all of our members from Halifax to Victoria. The board has ordered the company and union to start the process of determining the scope of the bargaining unit.

Karen Abramsen
NDP - Kelowna Mission is holding a candidate forum for our two candidates, Nicki Hokazono and Kevin Hagglund on Sunday, Jan. 30 at the Odd Fellows IOOF Hall (Richter and Wardlaw). Noon - potluck, $5 with a dish, $10 without. 1 p.m. - forum/debate.
Board of referees - This is an important message: It is imperative that worker reps and union counsellors advise laid- off workers who are receiving a severance package to apply for EI benefits regardless of whether they will be eligible to receive benefits. People have been told they will not receive EI (which is true, due to the severance package), but if they do not apply immediately and choose to wait until their severance package runs out, they may find themselves ineligible as their eligible hours count back 52 weeks from when they apply. So if someone waits until their severance package runs out, they may not have enough hours. In other words, tell all laid off workers to apply for benefits ASAP, regardless of whether they'll be eligible to receive benefits. Many workers have misinterpreted what they've been told, and have gotten screwed.

Gord Larkin - CLC - Pat Martin, NDP MP for Winnipeg, is presenting a private member's bill re: bankruptcies and workers' pensions. The bill, if passed, would put workers first among the list of creditors during bankruptcy hearings. Go to the NDP web page (www.ndp.ca) for more information.

Roy Graham, Brewery Workers, local 300 - Mission Hill bargaining to begin Jan. 5. Twenty-eight people in the bottle shop, 20 in retail store.
New Westminster Labatt plant closing April 21. 147 union members there, another 40-50 to be affected at BDL. Big hit to our membership, we will have to adjust, make some changes, but we will survive as always, we are up to the challenge.
Sent 7 delegates to the B.C. Federation of Labour convention and will send 7 to CLC Winter School at Harrison, a large delegation for us.
Looking for some office space again. Contact me at 878-2414 if you can help. Season's greeting to all from the Brewery Workers.

Bill Zeman - CUPE 3523 - We sent three members to the BC Federation of Labour convention. We enjoyed the week, although we thought there might be more debate on some resolutions. Our local is upset about the B.C. Fed not supporting the Kelowna and Vernon ridings in the provincial election.


a) M/S/C that the NOLC send a letter to the B.C. Federation of Labour and NDP asking that they reconsider plans not to make Kelowna and Vernon ridings a priority in the upcoming campaign and support candidates in this region.


28 total with 19 delegates and 9 guests


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bulmer, recording secretary.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 5, 2005, 7 p.m., at the Village Green Hotel, Vernon.

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