APRIL 8, 2009 minutes


Glenn Nowag, Pres., UFCW 120
Darren Tompkins, CUPE 5523
Ron Bobowski, Sec/Treasurer, CUPW 760
Bill Zeman, CUPE 3523
Cheryl Stone, Rec. Sec., UFCW 1518
Nikki Invoye, HEU-Vernon
Carol Kenzie, HEU
Barry Dorval BCTF Local 22
Carole Gordon, COTA
Mark Olsen CUPE 5523
Shawna Rand, Northern Delegate, HEU - Vernon
Shane Curveon, Sergeant at Arms, ATU 1722
Dave Porteous, Trustee, UFCW 120

Doug Gibson, BCFORUM
Bev Andrews, CAW 114, Vernon
Stephen Phillips, CAW 114, Vernon
Debra Critchley, BCGEU
Orion Irvine, CLC Representative

Ronn Dunn, CUPE 3523, Vice President
Brad Albrecht, HEU, Vernon - Trustee

President Glenn Nowag called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

M/S/C to adopt agenda of April 8, 2009

Mark Olsen, CUPE 5523, NDP Candidate Vernon Monashee


10 Delegates 9 Guests

OBLIGATION OF NEW DELEGATES and RE-Affirmation OF DELEGATES not re-affirmed at March meeting.
Delegate information forms were passed out to all delegates to be returned at this meeting. Three new Delegates were affirmed.

Ron Bobowski gave his financial report. M/S/C

Action Correspondence:
BCTF Regional Social Justice Conference, Kelowna, B.C. The executive recommended we donate $250.00 towards this conference as well as purchase 4 tickets of $25.00 each for any four delegates who wish to attend. Four delegates requesting tickets were; Shawna Rand, HEU, Vernon, Nikki Inouye, HEU, Vernon, Ron Bobowski, CUPW 760 and Doug Gibson, BCFORUM.

BC Fed -- 3rd party advertising under BC Election Act -- received and filed

Retired CLC Rep., Gord Larkin requested financial assistance for BCNDP candidate in Fraser-Nicola, Harry Lali It was the recommendation of the Executive that Gord's request for funding come from the Kamloops L.C. Ron Bobowski will reply to Gord.

Council of Canadians initiative to challenge the BC and Alta Gov't's imposition of TILMA -- received and filed

BC FED/CLC funding request to BC Fed Labour Political Action Fund - received and filed

BCFORUM letter from March 9, 2009 - to be discussed by Orion Irvine, CLC Rep later in this meeting.

BC Fed election conference calls concerning the "Count Me In" Campaign -- noted and asked if any delegates would like to participate.

NDP office opening Kelowna announcement -- The Kelowna NDP 3 constituencies, of Kelowna Lake Country, Westside Kelowna and Kelowna Mission have combined their efforts and are located at the same office. The new office is located at 1675 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, B.C.

BC Fed requests Day of Mourning events. Karen Abramsen volunteered to organize this event to be held at Ben Lee Park, Kelowna, at 4:00 pm on April 28, 2009. The media will be sent a press release and an ad will be put into the papers. Affiliates will be notified of the event. Shawna Rand and Nikki Inouye will try to organize an event in the Vernon.

CUPE BC -- 46th Annual Convention. Invitation sent to NOLC to attend this 46th annual convention being held on April 22-25, 2009 at the Victoria Conference Centre. Nikki Inouye, Northern Delegate motioned to send Ron Bobowski, CUPW 760 to the convention on behalf of the NOLC, Shawna Rand, Vice President, second the motion, carried.

Vernon Women's Centre -- Because the NOLC had donated $100.00 to the Kelowna Women's Centre, a motion was made by Ron Bobowski, Sec/Treasurer, to donate $100.00 also to the Vernon Women's Centre, second by Dave Porteous, Trustee, Carried.

CEP 2000, Pat Bulmer's report was submitted earlier and read by Glenn Nowag, President -- More layoffs at the Kelowna Daily Courier -- Six more full-timers and several part-timers have been chopped lately -- and it may not be over yet. Customer Service hours are also shrinking, as are the size of our newspapers as a result of a drop in advertising. This is happening to newspapers all over.

HEU Vernon, Nikki Inouye spoke about the Harrison Hot Springs political School for Women March 21-24, 2009 -- I had a good time -- very informative. I learned a lot about how a campaign is run and the jobs that are required to run a successful campaign. We met three MLA women and they told us their stories about life as an MLA. Joy MacPhail spoke one day and was very inspirational. Our workshops were very full and I enjoyed them greatly. I highly recommend these courses for other members in the future.

BCTF Local 22 (VTA) Barry Dorval -- Favourable settlement to a longstanding grievance regarding layoffs to the Aboriginal Advocates on February 13, 2008.
Local school board is facing a 2.7 million dollar deficit. Cuts will result in significant cuts to services. In addition to cuts to CUPE 5523 the VTA is looking at a loss 15 to 20 FTE.

ATU 1722 Shane Curveon -- ATU Canadian council hosted Level 1 -- Steward's Training in Kelowna last month with 17 members in attendance. Two members attended Level 2 Training in Vancouver this past weekend. ATU Canadian Council will bring Level 2 to Kelowna if the interest is there for the training.
Executive Board elections to take place starting with nominations at next month's meeting; the new Board takes office on July 1, 2009. New Executive will have to start preparing for contract negotiations for new contract to go into effect on April 1, 2010.

Council of Canadians -- Karen Abramsen -- Karen Abramsen reported on the Council of Canadians activities around energy issues -- tar sands -- The environmental devastation of the Tar Sands in northern Alberta is equal to an area one size of Florida. The Athabasca River is being polluted and First Nations in the area are being poisoned.

The Kelowna Citizens for Public Power sponsored Rafe Mair to bring his message to Kelowna. The current government is selling off our rivers to Independent Power Projects. We are ruining our rivers with these projects and our Province will never be the same is we allow this to happen. Rafe's message is vote for Carole James and the NDP and don't vote Green and split one vote. Our involvement of youth has increased.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 823-M Unionized workers of CHBC Television (Owned by Canwest Global Communications) -- Our local has been without a contract since September 2007. Various factors have kept us from reaching the bargaining table -- in part, a restructuring of bargaining units across the country. A council of CEP delegates from all the CanWest-owned TV stations has, since 2001, been pursuing a single bargaining unit, nation-wide. That effort came up short last year, when the Canada Industrial Relations Board declared three regional bargaining units. The council's efforts since has been devoted largely towards creating a single Local with a plan for pattern bargaining. Meanwhile, the CIRB is holding hearings to determine inclusions and exclusions for the three Bargaining Units. There has been no formal bargaining yet in any of the three Units. Both sides have made overtures in the form of summary proposals. It's clear that we're far apart, not even agreeing on which of the three Units should start bargaining first. At CHBC, our members are working hard to keep up with the demands of being short-staffed thanks to the recent layoffs. In particular, thereีs little cover for absence due to illness or vacation. In fact, managers have chosen to put two of our half-hour programs "on hiatus" for the summer because of inadequate cover for vacations. CHBC is still for sale. We have had, and are expecting more, visits from potential buyers. This process, we are reminded, is confidential. We have no reliable information on the identities of any would-be new owners. Even if we did, it would be hard to say what the effect might be. It's important to remember that any sale is still CanWest's call, and they recently postponed decision-making on that front till the end of summer. At the national level, CRTC hearings for broadcast license renewals begin in late April. One-year interim terms are being considered in view of the economic hard times -- in particular, declining advertising revenues. CEP is intervening with vigorous cautions to make the point that broadcasters must not, in any relief process, be allowed to shirk their responsibilities to the communities they serve. We are still encouraging members of the public to petition MPs to preserve local television.
-- Jim Failes, Pres. CEP 823-M

CLC, Orion Irvine -- Bill 42 The Supreme Court of British Columbia struck down parts of Bill 42 in late March. The court decision removes the third party limits from the pre-election period. However, the limits remain in effect for the election period. The election period starts on April 14th.
Economic Crisis -- The CLC is continuing its Economic Crisis campaign. Rallies and town halls across Canada have been held and more are planned for the future. Turn out to these rallies has been good and we have been getting good public and media support for the events. Lobby plans are being developed and will be rolled out in the near future. We are going to be targeting MPs. However, we also hope to talk to municipal politicians and ask them to speak up for workers in their communities.
The CLC is continuing its call for the government to make reforms to the EI system so more workers are eligible for benefits and can receive benefits for a longer period of time.
EI Budget Reforms -- As mentioned in the past, the last federal budget made a few changes to the EI system. The main change is the addition of 5 weeks to all active claims. The change takes effect on March 1st, 2009 and will apply to all regular claimants whose benefit period has not ended before March 1st, 2009 or where the benefit period does not begin after September 11, 2010. People on EI should have their benefits extended automatically.
The training money contained in the budget will be handed over to the provincial governments for them to administer. It is still very confusing and unclear for claimants on how to access this money for training. Part of the CLC campaign is to ensure easier access to training for workers on EI.

Regarding the NOLC By-Laws:
Add a section 3.06 -- "3.06 The BC Federation of Retired Union Members (BCFORUM) shall be entitled to membership as an affiliated organization upon application by BC Forum and payment of a $10.00 annual application fee, and shall be entitled to two delegates.
BCFORUM delegates shall have the same rights as CLC Officers, Directors, and staff, that is, the right to speak but not to vote or to run for regular Officer/Executive positions with the exception of the BCFORUM Executive member position."
Amend 5.1 to read
"5.1 The Officers of the Council shall consist of a President, three (3) Vice-President(s), Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, two (2) Executive Members, one (1) each from the North and Central Okanagan and one BCFORUM Executive Member. The BCFORUM Executive Member shall have voice but no vote.
Amend 5.2 to read "5.2 Each Officer shall be a member in good standing of an affiliated organization. The BCFORUM Executive Member must be a BCFORUM delegate."
Amend 11.01 to read "11.01 The Executive Council shall consist of the President, three (3) Vice- President(s), Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, the two (2) Executive Members and the BCFORUM Executive member."

Political Action Committee & financial contributions for May 12, 2009 Provincial Election:
A discussion by the executive was held concerning the amounts of funds to be allocated to the 4 NDP constituencies in our area. Shawna Rand, Vice President, motioned to allocate $12,000.00 to the constituencies, second by Nikki Inouye, Northern Delegate. Cheryl Stone, Recording Secretary, motioned to allocate the funds in the following way, second by Shawna Rand.
Kelowna Lake Country - $2,500.00, Kelowna Mission - $2,500.00, Westside Kelowna - $2,500.00, Vernon Monashee - $4,500.00. All executive were in favour of this proposal which was presented to the delegates during the regular meeting. Dave Porteous, Trustee, moved the motion to the floor and Carole Gordon, COTA, second, motion carried.

Kids Camp 2009 -- Dave Porteous, Trustee, has sent out emails regarding the Kids Camp Jubilee @ Silver Lake. The draw will be held in June 2009 to see who will win to attend free. Winners will consist of 2 teens for Jubilee Camp and 2 for Silver Lake. Dave will do a follow up at the next meeting and via email as well to delegates.

13 Delegates 6 Guests

CLC -- Labour Participation Department of the United Way of the Lower Mainland is holding a Roast & Toast for David Rice at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, on Thursday, June 18, 2009. Tickets cost $75.00 per person and can be obtained by contacting Judy Jackson at judyj@uwlm.ca or 604 268 1320.
Also, Friday, June 19, 2009 they are sponsoring a one-day Union Counseling Conference at the same location, called "Building an Effective Union Counselling Program in Your Union, Strong Foundations, Strong Unions, Strong Communities." This conference starts at 8:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. Registration for the conference is through the United Way of the Lower Mainland website: www.uwlm.ca.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Stone, Recording Secretary.

NEXT MEETING: 7:00 pm, May 6, 2009, 201A 1358 St Paul Street, Kelowna

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